Thursday, February 4, 2010

Terms of Service

Their terms of service (TOS) are so lopsided, they could probably send you anthrax and you wouldn't be entitled to a refund. A TOS like theirs probably is in no way binding and wouldn't stand up to consumer protection laws. They say things like styleshake won't be liable for something even if the problem was related to styleshake's own negligence.

If you are thinking about ordering from this company, think again. Their TOS shows that they will not stand behind their own product. They will only issue refunds if they feel like it. Hell, they won't even respond to e-mails asking basic questions like where is the product that I ordered and paid for months ago.

Do you want your bridesmaids to have to pay for their dresses multiple times because the dress they ordered was not measured correctly or lost in the mail? Do you want to deal with a company that will not respond to you after you paid them? If so, then this company is for you. Do yourself a favor and have your dress made by someone locally who will stand beside their own product enough to provide you with their phone number.

Worst Company Ever

My wife ordered a bridesmaid dress through this site nearly three months before the wedding. It never came. We requested a tracking number multiple times and never received one. We got one response saying they would look into it. That was weeks ago. We are now looking at having a dress made locally in a short time frame in order to have something for the wedding.

Oh and they also need to work on their quality control because a number of bridesmaids had to have significant alterations made to their dresses because this company apparently can not measure correctly.

Anyway I am going to dispute the charges with my credit card company. I have never done this before, but I have also never dealt with a company that won't respond to e-mails and has no phone number listed. I have also never created a blog before, but I am going to post comments on a number of sites that come up under a google of styleshake to try to make sure that other people are steered away from this horrible company.

If you have similar experiences with this site please post here. Also, I will keep you up to date on what happens with the credit card dispute.