Thursday, February 4, 2010

Worst Company Ever

My wife ordered a bridesmaid dress through this site nearly three months before the wedding. It never came. We requested a tracking number multiple times and never received one. We got one response saying they would look into it. That was weeks ago. We are now looking at having a dress made locally in a short time frame in order to have something for the wedding.

Oh and they also need to work on their quality control because a number of bridesmaids had to have significant alterations made to their dresses because this company apparently can not measure correctly.

Anyway I am going to dispute the charges with my credit card company. I have never done this before, but I have also never dealt with a company that won't respond to e-mails and has no phone number listed. I have also never created a blog before, but I am going to post comments on a number of sites that come up under a google of styleshake to try to make sure that other people are steered away from this horrible company.

If you have similar experiences with this site please post here. Also, I will keep you up to date on what happens with the credit card dispute.


  1. I ordered a dress in November for Xmas - my measured bust size was 33.6 inches, and I ordered it in 33.9 (the closest one). When it turned up, I could barely get the zip done up, and once I had, it was so tight my boobs were being squished in a most unflattering way.

    I remeasured myself (to check I hadn't suddenly gained a couple of inches!) but no, it was still correct.

    Emailed customer services, because the alterations form doesn't have the ability to request increases, but they said to send it back anyway and they would let it out.

    3 weeks later I've got it back, and I'm pretty sure no alteration has been made - it still feels as tight as before, and is definitely not wearable. To check it's not just me with weird-shaped boobs or something, I even tried it on a friend's sewing mannequin, and with the bust set at 33 inches, it's impossible to do the zip up (so it's at least an inch smaller than I ordered - even after the 'alteration').

    The rest of the measurements are on the generous side (not tightly fitted) so I really don't understand what's gone wrong.

    I give up now - the moment for wearing is has passed, and even if they fix it, it's going to annoy me.

    Going to try to flog it on eBay. I won't be using Style Shake again.

  2. Wow! It's as if you took my exact story and wrote a blog with it. I am in a wedding in less than two weeks and I have given up hope that my dress that I ordered the 1st week of December will make it here...ever. I have emailed their customer service 9 times since January and have requested a tracking number every time without so much as even a response. I have now driven up and down Northern California trying to find something that the bride will approve of but I cant find a fabric that comes close to matching the other bridesmaid's dresses. Now, I have a seamstress making me a dress that will cost me close to $400.00 and I had to get the bride to agree to letting me wear a different color than the other girls. At least I'm the MOH so I can be a little different than everyone else.
    Seriously,if I had seen your post prior to ordering from styleshake I would have told the Bride to stay away. Now, all I have is to never let a future bride make the same mistake!
    Good luck with the credit card charges

  3. I have also had a bad experience with I'm getting married in August 2010, ordered 4 bridesmaid dresses and recently recieved them. The material has marks all over it and there are a number of loop holes and knots in the material. The stitching is awful and the measurements are totally wrong. The measurements we made were purposely done with 2 inches less, with the idea they would lose weight. The dresses are too big and there is no shape to them.

    Have sent 2 letters of complaint asking for a full refund and they have refused. Explaining that the 110% Silk material is supposed to have marks in it. Well, this did not match the sample material and it is not advertised anywhere on the website that this would be the case.

    My only route, it seems, is also the credit card reclaims route. did you have any success with this?

    I really can't afford to pay over £300 on dresses that could be used as bin liners, but also fork out more money to buy more to replace them.

    HELP!! They need to be closed down for neglegence and unsatisfactory production.